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Conscious Parenting Summit Audio Recordings – $49.95

Can’t wait?! Would you like access to the whole of CPS early? You’ll learn… which nutrients Shazzie says are ideal for brain development… what Hethir recommends to avoid miscarriage… …and a recap on what Ingrid Bauer recommends to get started with Elimination Communication!

If you would like the wealth of information shared in this Summit, to listen to at your leisure, you can now gift yourself permanent access to these exclusive, informative recordings with these leading experts in the Conscious Parenting field!

For an investment of just $49.95, you will receive permanent access to the entire interview collection of this unique Summit – you can download all calls and listen to them at your leisure on your iPod, in your car or however it suits you!

Conscious Parenting Summit Audio Recordings
The entire interview collection of this unique Conscious Parenting Summit

A portion of the profits from this summit is donated to charities supporting women and children's well-being, including Robin Lim's "Bumi Sehat" foundation in Bali.


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