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Bonus #1 - Jean Liedloff Interview

Jean Liedloff Please enjoy this free, hour-long very special interview with the legendary Jean Liedloff, author of the classic "Continuum Concept" book, which highlights the benefits of babies being held in arms for the first months of life. Jean passed over recently and we feel blessed to still be able to access her powerful wisdom this way. We consider this one of the best interviews that she ever shared.

Bonus #2 - Joseph Chilton Pearce Interview

Joseph Chilton Pearce Listen to the legendary Joseph Chilton Pearce as he discusses the vital role of play for the development of intelligence.

Bonus #3 - Dr. Dean Edell

Dr. Dean Edell Learn the truth about circumcision and how it affects the lives of boys and men in this NOCIRC 20-Minute Educational Video featuring Dr. Dean Edell.

Conscious Parenting, Pregnancy & Birthing Articles

Conscious Parenting Summit Finale

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Exclusive *BONUS* Interview

Check out this exclusive *bonus* interview for the Conscious Parenting Summit, with Monta, who is a “baby sign language” expert. You’ll learn how you can communicate with your child six months to a year before they are even able to speak words or sentences. We’ve already started to teach sign language to our daughter Oria at 5 months old, with beautiful success. Imagine being able to understand why your baby is crying by being able to read and understand her signs. As you will see in this video, this skill has literally saved children’s lives. Being able to communicate with your baby at these earlier stages lets us into our […]

Oria’s Never Touched a Single Diaper

Just the other day my friend, who is also a father, was over, and we were hanging out in the front room while I was holding Oria. With a smile I said out loud, “OH! Oria has to go to the bathroom!” So I took her over to the kitchen sink, I helped her to pee and then I came back. My friend looked at me in astonishment and asked if I made it to the sink in time. I chuckled and said, “Of course I did! What are you talking about?! She just told me she had to go to the bathroom.” Before I go deeper into this “DiaperFree” […]

Waterbirth Basics – From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols

by Barbara Harper, RN Waterbirth is simple. Within the simplicity of water labor and birth lies a complexity of questions, choices, opinions, research data, women’s experience and practitioner observations. Over the past five years, as more hospitals within the United States examined waterbirth and created programs to support the use of water for labor and birth, newspaper reporters latched onto the sensationalism of this simple option and published stories of successful waterbirths in local publications. Reporters do their best to simplify waterbirth and at the same time answer the most common questions. Each story shows a happy, beaming mother, a quiet, peaceful baby and a proud father, who usually successfully […]

Waterbirthing FAQ

Why is water birth not available in more hospitals? Waterbirth International works diligently with couples who want to use warm water during their births in a hospitals. We have been very successfully with obtaining approvals for our portable pools in many hospitals in the last ten years. Hospitals are more cooperative today than ever before as doctors and midwives begin to see the benefits of allowing women to make their own choices. Waterbirth profoundly demonstrates that a woman is empowered by “giving birth,” not “being delivered”. Many health care providers are seeing women take charge of their birth experiences and welcome this attitude and do what they can to facilitate […]

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